What Makes IAD The Ideal FMO?

Unmatched Support for Agents!

You want to succeed as an independent Life and Health insurance agent, and we want to help make it happen. At Insurance Advisors Direct, our commitment to your success is our driving force. As a Full Service Field Marketing Organization, we take a personalized approach to supporting you every step of the way. From tailored formulas to expert guidance and support, we’re here to simplify your success. Join us today and experience an unmatched level of support and resources that will take your career to new heights.

  • Administrative Support
  • Training & Education
  • Quality Marketing Material


Handpicked quality carriers. 15+ lines.

why choose us

We get it – navigating the world of insurance can be overwhelming, especially in the senior market. That’s why at IAD, we’re here to help. Our team of experts has over 30 years of experience in the industry, and we work with agents across the country to provide top-quality products and carriers. We believe that every client deserves personalized service and attention, which is why we go above and beyond to ensure you have the support you need to succeed. Let us be your partner in this journey.

The IAD Team

Choosing the right FMO can make all the difference. At IAD, we know how important it is to have someone you can trust in this game of insurance. From our team to yours, we prioritize transparency and put your needs first.

Jason McClellan, President and CEO
Jason McClellan

CEO • President

Kristie Strauss, Vice President of Sales
Kristie Strauss

Vice President of Sales

Michelle Damian, Brokerage Sales Manager
Michelle Damian

Brokerage Sales Manager

Sharon Fourcha, Brokerage Sales Manager
Sharon Fourcha

Brokerage Sales Manager

Bernard Geter, Life & Annuities
Bernard Geter

Internal Sales Support & Life/Annuity Manager

David Rassam, Sr. Brokerage Sales Advisor
David Rassam

Sr. Brokerage Sales Advisor

Cass Abron, Brokerage Sales Advisor
Cass Abron

Brokerage Sales Advisor

Ben Groves, Sales Operating Analyst
Ben Groves

Sales Operating Analyst

Tammy Costrini, Sales Recruiting Specialist
Tammy Costrini

Sales Recruiting Specialist

Heather Talley, Admin. Manager
Heather Talley

Admin. Services Manager

Donna Rodgers, Admin. Assistant
Donna Rodgers

Admin. Services Assistant

Michelle Martinez, Admin. Services
Michelle Martinez

Admin. Services

Lynette Thompson, Marketing Manager
Lynette Thompson

Marketing Manager
Graphic/Web Designer

Kelsey Korte, Marketing Assistant
Kelsey Korte

Social Media Specialist
Brand Ambassador