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What questions should I consider when joining an FMO?

Will you be trained by the FMO?2023-05-27T22:27:13-04:00

For you and your company, your FMO offers services. In order to be the greatest Medicare insurance agent you can be, find an FMO that will empower and prepare you.

Does the FMO have a policy for open releases?2023-05-27T22:25:08-04:00

Avoid any agreement that might bind you to an FMO inexorably. What happens if you’re unhappy with how they work or decide you no longer require them? Or perhaps you wish to alter the organizational structure of your company and an FMO is no longer required. You don’t have to explain the motive. You are in control. Verify the FMO’s open release policy to see if you can end your cooperation with them at no cost.

When did the FMO start working in the insurance industry?2023-05-28T19:20:45-04:00

It is highly recommended to rely on the expertise of professionals in the field of insurance. Our FMO possesses years of extensive experience in this industry and can provide valuable insights and guidance.

Do you have a committed representation at this FMO?2023-05-27T22:22:38-04:00

Avoid settling for mediocre guidance. With a truly dedicated FMO, you get dedicated representation to ensure your success.

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