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Frustrated with Dental Exclusions & Limitations?

Sick of Plans That Cost Too Much?

And have long waiting periods?

What if you could offer…

  • No waiting periods – ALL services: Preventive, Basic & Major (implants covered)!
  • $5,000 maximum benefit per person, per year (Platinum)
  • $3,500 maximum benefit per person, per year (Gold)
  • $1,500 maximum benefit per person, per year (Silver)
  • Issue ages 18+ (no age limit) – Guaranteed Acceptance
  • 70% Basic Services
  • 70% Major Services
  • 100% Preventive Services

More than 80,000 unique dentists at over 297,000 access points nationwide in the Advantage Plus Network

The Platinum Plan – No Waiting Periods – “Period”!

  • Deductible $150 – Waived for Preventive/Diagnostic and
  • Annual Program Maximum (per person); $5,000

• Preventive: 100%*
• Basic: 70%*
• Major: 70%
* Premium Plan

• Silver: $50*
• Gold: $100
• Platinum: $150*
* Waiver for preventative diagnostic

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