Unlock Affordable Coverage for Seniors: Plan F-Like Power, Simplified!


Ready to wow clients with a powerful, flexible Plan F alternative that slashes costs and delivers? Look no further than Seniors Choice Group Retiree Medical Plan!

Here’s what makes it your client’s dream plan:

  • Savings Built In: Enjoy competitive rates tailored to your client’s zip code and no gender or smoker surcharges. (Say goodbye to sticker shock!)
  • Plan F Familiar: This plan mirrors the benefits of Plan F, offering broad network coverage and predictable premiums. (Clients get the coverage they know and love, with a twist.)
  • Open Doors, Open Arms: No underwriting headaches! Anyone with Medicare Part A & B qualifies, regardless of health history. (More happy clients, less paperwork for you.)
  • Perfect for Small Teams: This plan caters to groups as small as 1 life, making it ideal for retirees and smaller businesses. (Be the hero who saves them money!)
Don’t wait! Become their PDP hero!

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