The Perfect FMO for You!


The Perfect FMO for You! The distribution of independent life and health is set up in a system that is baffling to the point of absurdity. When it comes to establishing their own distribution network, each insurance company is free to be as creative as they want. As a result of constant one-upmanship, a variety of adjectives are used to express the same thing: top of the channel, largest distribution partner, s/he with the closest link to the insurance business, and most downline agents. This is often referred to as a Field Marketing Office (FMO). One of [...]

The Perfect FMO for You!2021-06-01T14:55:20-04:00

Why Would I Choose a Medicare Supplement Plan?


Why Would I Choose a Medicare Supplement Plan? Individuals who are turning 65 get hit from every angle and with so many products that it quickly becomes a confusing mess. Unfortunately there is too much bad information being given out, sometimes by friends who mean well. Start understanding your customers and why they would buy one, to increase your Supplement sales. To put myself in the position of a 65-year-old, I questioned myself, "Why should I buy a Medicare Supplemental plan?" The following are some of the reasons I came up with: What Are the Benefits of Purchasing [...]

Why Would I Choose a Medicare Supplement Plan?2021-06-01T12:49:14-04:00
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